Thursday, April 23, 2020

Help me complete the story "Friend Zone"!

Petra Pierre - Robertson

Today is World Book and Copyright day.  I am sharing one of my short stories in progress.   Here is your opportunity to contribute to the creative process.   Post your feedback/ideas/suggestion at the end of this blog.  I will then complete the story based on your feedback...

November 11, 2020
Thanks to those who suggested possible endings.  You ommitted however to provide reasons why Princess may have locked Rolf in the Friend Zone.  Please use this link to enter possible reasons on the padlet:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Sixth Day: The symbolism of the animal characters

In "The Sixth Day" by Petra Pierre - Robertson, the main protagonist,  Rahel, is plagued by phobias. An ancient legend causes her to be very fearful. In the face of danger, she zones out of reality. In her stupor humans become animals indicative of their character traits. Are her encounters real or just conjured up by a dreamer with an overactive imagination? 

"The Sixth Day" by Petra Pierre - Robertson
Greed, lust and the desire for power nurture a long standing feud between two territories: Kenan and Babal.  

Here are clues to unearth the symbolism of the animals, assembled in the shed, when Rahel is first captured.  
Refer to pages 5 - 11 of 'The Sixth Day'

Lion Leonardo.  The son and heir of the Babalite Ruler

Leonardo's trusted friends: 
Hinds:  Surefooted Hinds 
Eagle: Courageous, powerful, honorable Aquila 
Tiger: Passionate, daring, fearless Tiegra
Owl: Wise Laila 
Livingstoni Cichlid: Leonardo's father.  The predatory, devious, weak, deceitful Babalite Ruler, Livingston Cichlid
Pearl Fish: The main antagonist, Paul Fisher:  Leonardo's 'bottom-licking' half brother who wants to be sole heir at any cost 

Pearl Fish carried out his daily responsibilities cocooned in Livingstone Cichlid's anus ('The Sixth Day' p 9) 

Black Herons:  They believe they work harder than everyone else.
Topi Antelopes:  They are sly and feign vulnerablity.  They always 'cry wolf'.
Squas: They are always traveling and away from the organization. They should retire but can't seem to leave.  They are involved in everything whether present or absent.
Cuckoo Bees: Devious, traitorous usurpers, they are always up front in the choicest seats, talking to whoever will listen
Brown Trouts: Very pretentious, these facetious protagonists always wore fake smiles that never quite reached their eyes, and did not light up their hard faces.
Sabre-Toothed Blennys:  They loved to greet with hugs and kisses, but it was largely to disarm the unsuspecting victim, for the blenny to deliver an unanticipated bite/blow.
Butterflies:  These pretty, perfumed, disingenuous, flirting with everyone protagonists, thrived on being facetious to enhance their popularity/likes, which they craved.
Alligators and Crocodiles: They sat quietly, feigning disinterest, to imbibe all the happenings, which they regurgitate and gossip, when it suits their purposes.

Trailer:  'The Sixth Day' by Petra Pierre - Robertson

Upcoming symbolism for exploration:
Pleasance: p 10
Machiavelli: p 38, 39, 77
The numbers 3, 7 and 1: p22
Ultimate Sacrifice: 81 - 83
Babal/The Babalites
Kenan/The Kenanites
The Sixth Day

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Characters must be real!

They must reflect persons with whom your readers may interact. You may reveal their identity by describing them, by their speech, their reactions or their interactions. They must not be bland
Your characters are the means through which you evoke a response from your readers. They must reflect the setting within which they are placed by their speech, dress, actions and reactions.


"A perfumed scent filled the atmosphere when she walked into the room.  Heads turned at her entrance.  Smiles broke out on the faces of the guests."  Petra Pierre - Robertson (c) 2019

What does the above line say about the Character?

"Timmy raced from the living room into his bedroom when he heard the sound of the gate.  His toys lay unattended in the middle of the room.  Heart racing he hid in the closet as the lock turned in the door.  His father had arrived earlier than he expected."  Petra Pierre - Robertson (c) 2019

What may this reaction suggest about Timmy?
What may it suggest about his father?

Read the story 'Dogs' by Petra Pierre Robertson, and say three things about the 'I' persona.

Read pages 4 and 5 in "Second Chances" by Petra Pierre - Robertson and identify three traits of the character, O'Connor.

Second Chances by Petra Pierre - Robertson